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Melbourne style cafe meets Korean street food
A unique blend of tasty street eats and traditional cuisine.



DARI (다리) means ‘bridge’ in Korean. DARI aspires to be the bridge between Melbourne’s buzzy and dynamic culture to South Korea’s sensational flavour and style.


Yoon-ji, the owner of DARI, spent her younger years learning about the culinary art of traditional Korean food whilst growing up around her family’s restaurant in South Korea. When Yoon-Ji moved to the city of Melbourne at the age of 15, she immediately fell in love with Melbourne’s laneway cafes and food.


Incredibly passionate about food, this love was ready to blossom, awaiting courage...


After traveling the world sampling a wide variety of traditional eateries, fine dining and classic street food, Yoon-ji was inspired. She knew in her heart that she could bring something incredibly different to the Melbourne food scene.


Like nothing before, DARI represents a fine blend of culture and tradition with a modern twist. Serving Korean street-food inspired toasts and sandwiches along with traditional beverages and fusion desserts that will make every moment at DARI one to remember.


We’re here to provide a dining experience like no other. Striving to ensure all of our delicious toasts, sandwiches, beverages and desserts are made with fresh, high quality local produce that will provide the ultimate taste sensation. All food and drink is prepared fresh on site and will not disappoint.


DARI isn’t just an eaterie it’s an experience and we can’t wait to meet you.

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